Friday, May 15, 2015

Badass and the Beast Blog Tour & Giveaway

Hi there. If you've stumbled across my fledgling blog today (5.15.15) you're in luck! This is the final stop on the Badass and the Beast Blog Tour & Giveaway. This nifty collection of short stories features loads of kickass heroines and their beastly companions--and all the proceeds go to charity. What's not to love about that? It also features my debut as a writer, Head Under Water, about a lesbian mermaid. Because that's what I want to be when I grow up.

To celebrate this badass release, we have some badass prizes (including a $50 Amazon gift card) you can enter to win below. Good luck!

The Badass and the Beast Blog Tour Schedule

May 5th            Kory M. Shrum
May 6th            Angela Roquet
May 7th            Kathrine Pendleton
May 8th            Monica LaPorta
May 11th          Mikel Andrews
May 12th          Shelly M. Burrows
May 13th          Liz Schulte
May 14th          Jason T. Graves 
May 15th          Jasie Gale


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Joining the human race, a.k.a. the internet--since that's where they all like to hang out these days

So my first short story has been published in a nifty anthology. Debut who? Me? Why yes! Thank you. So of course, that means I have to do some blogging and facebooking and... create an Amazon author page? What? OK then. So here's another place you can find me online: JASIE GALE ON AMAZON. And before you ask, NO, Twitter is not next.

And here's the lovely book with my short story Head Under Water. It's about a lesbian mermaid. You're welcome.

Feel free to click on it and buy a million copies. It all goes to charity. Fo real.

OK. That's all for now. I'll be blogging more about this on the 15th for the Blog Tour. "Two posts in one month, you say?" Yeah, I know. I'm just as floored as you are.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Clean Slate

I deleted everything... so in theory, I can start this blog venture over. Eventually. There's some exciting news I'll have to share in the near future. Until then.... cheers!